A ‘coach” refers to a carriage for transporting travelers. It indicates accompanying one from one place to another. In sports a coach guides a player from a certain capacity or skill to another level.

Professional coaching is a type of support method to help a person achieve an objective in a real-life professional situation by relying on his or her own resources and skills. The objective is to take the professional from one level to the next and beyond.

In coaching, the person being coached is the only one in control of his own journey and professional circumstances. The aim is to develop the recipient’s professional skills and autonomy, with emphasis on the recipient as a person, on his or her strengths, weaknesses, personal obstacles, aptitudes, etc.  IGROW coaching techniques bring out the coachee's internal ability, confidence and strength to address issues, problems and discourse at hand with effective ability and self driven and developed capacity and taking responsibility for his or her own learning.



IGROW PPP coaching programs are designed for PPP transaction advisors. Therefore candidates should have had exposure in PPP training or practice in any PPP subject areas and in contracts, legal, financial, procurement, monitoring and other related professional skills and knowledge areas. The PPP transaction advisors coaching programs cover PPP infrastructure subjects such as utilities, telecoms, roads, ports, health sectors. The coaching programs aim at ensuring  that the transaction advisor is able, confident and secure at effectively implementing each phase of a PPP cycle.

IGROW PPP coaching brings the coach and coachee together through state-of-the-art web-based video and audio links to examine, analyze and discuss real life cases and lessons learned, giving you the opportunity to advise, draft, negotiate and close PPP deals and apply that knowledge and skills right from the IGROW coaching program to projects at hand. All this in the convenience of your offices, personal learning space and individual timetables.

IGROW offers unique PPP transaction knowledge and skills through a) techniques of encouraging the coachee use internal strength, creativity and ability to achieve set of objectives b) bring out personal intelligence and confidently apply innovative options to activities at hand and identify obstacles c) change attitudes to taking responsibility in ones own abilities and positively use to encourage others in enhancing performance towards effective PPP implementation.  With such techniques the coach will encourage the PPP transaction advisor to structure  PPP projects including:

· Effectively implement each phase of the project cycle and reach financial close successfully,

· Procure and select parties to a PPP project for a long term sustainable contractual relationships.

· Analyze legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks and recommend changes as needed to facilitate the design, contractual and financial modeling, regulating PPP infrastructure services

· Enhance abilities to Design and Forecast best models for each PPP implementation phase and determine failure consequences in a project cycle

· How to explore and use lessons of completed or failed projects through the “Failure analysis” techniques.

· How advanced Master Transaction advisor develop leadership, coordination and monitoring style for ensuring long term relationship in PPP implementation till successful closeout.

· IGROW also provides institutional technical assistance and capacity building programs in public private partnerships and financial management linked to improved service provision to enhances growth.

 IGROW Professional Certifications
    All IGROW coaching programs offer three levels leading to a Professional Certification.
   · Level I: Fundamentals provide basic principles, terms, cases, agreements, and basic conditions for developing the project.

   · Level II: Practitioners level professionals already in advisory or practically engaged in a program who need strengthening of capacity by obtaining details of such program the technical, financial and implementation agreements and content. through “Failure Analysis” approach

   · Level III: Expert Transaction Coaching Program:  working with real cases & problems,

· Comparative cases
                      Analysis of failures and conditions for success depending on the respective jurisdiction
                      Policies, legal, regulatory, institutional… factors

· infrastructure sector
                      Services from transport, water, energy, health

· individual problems
                      personal capacity



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