Fundamentals for PPP Transaction Advisors Module


1: How A Transaction Advisor Selects PPP projects Analyzes and Establishes Module

2: How Transaction advisor facilitates PPP contractual arrangements Module

3: Reviewing Applicable PPP Laws Module

4: Determining PPP Financial Models Module

5: PPP projects Sustainability Techniques: Risks, Performance targets, Dispute Resolution Module

6: Regulating PPP Services/Products Module

7: Action Plan 

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Designing and Forecasting PPP Operations : Intermediate Level


Module 1: Design & Forecast PPP project selection: Learning from ’Failure Analysis’

Module 2: Design & Forecast PPP contractual obligations: Lessons from Failure Analysis

Module 3: PPP Projects Revenue Forecasting

Module 4: Environment issues design & Forecast - construction & PPP infrastructure development

Module 5: Legal loophole & risks, Lessons from Failure Analysis

Module 6: Regulatory Framework Enforceability Failure Analysis

Module 7: Monitoring & Failure Analysis

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Advanced PPP Master Transaction Advisor Leadership


Module 1: Defining Core PPP Transaction Advisor Leadership Brand

Module 2: Practicing Transaction Advisor’s Change Management skills

Module 3: Balancing Interests go parties concerned

Module 4: Removing barriers to collaboration and to developing PPP collective intelligence: Innovation Management

Module 5: The transaction advisor creates collegial project implementation style

Module 6: Capacity Exercises: Managing Transition Evaluating

Module 7: The Master Coach Action Plan

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