IGROW Assorted Accomplishments

Public Private Partnerships

      Development of economic, financial, and legal strategies to structure and implement Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in all economic and infrastructure sectors. Expertise include designing and delivering coaching programs; expertise in energy, water, roads, ports, urban development and waste management, health sectors... 

  • Regulatory reforms for enhancing  provision of utilities in Albania water sector,
  • Libya electricity, sector concession,
  • Ethiopia health sector reform,
  • Kenya roads sector,
  • Trinidad and Tobago Utilities reform,
  • South Africa urban facilities   and several training and coaching programs,
  • Zimbabwe electricity sector reform,
  • Alexandria Egypt city waste and cleanliness project


Legal Reform

       Legal sector reform strategies to increase transparency and good governance: Reform of specific legal provisions to enhance private sector participation, governance and rule of law in post conflict countries, effective enforcement of law by justice sector reform.

  • Review of enforcement in criminal justice for countering terrorism in Nigeria,
  • Review of laws for justice sector institutions in South Sudan
  • Ethiopian Justice Sector Professional Training Institute curriculum reform,
  • Croatia Court Procedures Reform.
  • Review of public private partnerships laws in health in Ethiopia
  • Container terminal development feasibility Sri Lanka
  • Speed Transit project in China,
  • Ports reform feasibility in Chennai, Mumbai in India, Beirut in Lebanon,
  • Egypt environment and water system review

 Economic Sector Reform:

       Design and deliver legal, regulatory, and policy reforms that promote efficiency and business growth. Feasibility studies for enhancing development projects in alternative energy, seeds for agricultural development, environment impact in specific sector projects, public financial management, developing institutional and legal framework for investment in economic sectors.

  • Belize alternative energy feasibility
  • Moldova evaluation of National Railroad Energy use and recommendations for energy efficiency
  • Moldova policy reforms that promote efficiency and business growthand investment
  • Indonesia post-Tsunami resettlement
  • Ethiopia seeds and agricultural development
  • Public financial management, assessing  training in Rome in pro-growth policies and fiscal reforms that encourage efficiency and investment.



      Assisting in developing inclusive and participatory governance through constitutional development; Reviewing constitution, criminal justice, and international norms to tackle terrorism, post conflict establishing and strengthening the institutions, laws and enforcement, strengthening capacity of institutions for Rule of Law enforcement.

  • Kenya constitutional reform
  • Nigeria rule of law and criminal justice application to counter terrorism
  • South Sudan post-conflict justice sector institutional re-establishment and reform, judicial capacity development and reform
  • Kenya Coaching and Training Skills Development. Design and deliver Coaching Methodology and Coachers Manual. Design, publish and circulate manuals on each coaching topic

Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform (IGROW)

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