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The Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform Corporate Qualifications “at a Glance”


“Economic growth strategies that promote governance, the private sector and small businesses combined with targeted support for poverty alleviation are the keys to economic development.”

The Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform (IGROW) is an international economic and legal training and consulting firm specialized in providing technical assistance to governments and multilateral donor organizations on sustainable economic growth strategies, legal reform solutions, governance and public private policy initiatives. Established in the U.K., with its headquarters in Rome and training campus at its partner, Tor Vergata University of Rome state-of-the-art campus, and operations offices in Washington, D.C., Cairo, Egypt, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Quito, Ecuador IGROW offers a unique range of technical and training options for clients based on the philosophy that to promote governance, the private sector and small business combined with targeted support for poverty alleviation are key to sustainable economic growth drivers.


In the last two decades, remarkable progress has been achieved by several nations that have moved from low-income developing country status to middle income emerging markets. Countries like Brazil, South Korea, Chile, Malaysia, Mauritius, and indeed, India and China, all share one common denominator: an emphasis on high growth economic policies using market based strategies, solutions and legal frameworks. Moreover, these economies have also demonstrated that pro-poor policies and programs that target poverty reduction and provide incentives to “partner” with low income groups as valuable consumers, can accelerate the transition from poor to middle class with greater equity.


IGROW founders and staff have been at the vanguard of this new economic thinking and have been instrumental in working with policy makers in the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia in creating this economic paradigm. While several countries have made remarkable progress in growing and opening their economies and reducing poverty, many developing countries have been underperforming over the last two decades when measured by indicators such as economic productivity, income inequality, investment climate, and per capita income growth. It does not have to be that way. IGROW seeks to transfer the knowledge and tools of our experience to countries and multilateral financial organizations and “mainstream” these valuable lessons learned of economic reform and growth.


IGROW’s unique technical assistance and training programs provide clients with a “menu of options” to design and implement economic growth strategies, legal reforms, and pro-poor programs and policies. Our core competencies include:


•             Design of sustainable economic growth strategies and policies to stimulate investment and productivity

•               Draft and advise on legal sector reform strategies to increase transparency and good governance in the public sector

•               Design legal, regulatory, and policy reforms that promote efficiency and business growth

•               Design bilateral, regional and international investment and trade cooperation strategies and legal framework to enhance growth         

•               Design pro-growth tax policies and fiscal reforms that encourage efficiency and   investment

•               Provide sectoral reform analysis and action plans to increase competition and economic output in key sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, industry, and technology

•               Development of economic, financial, and legal strategies to structure and implement Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in all economic and infrastructure sectors

•               Create poverty alleviation programs and policies that attract investment in low-income communities and empower low-income consumers


IGROW and Capacity Building: The Virtuous Circle


IGROW’s is committed to capacity building. We believe that technical assistance can only be successful if it is complemented with practical training on the tools and strategies for economic growth.  Training public and private decision-makers and professional staff on the range of strategies and techniques, both economic and legal, is a key component of IGROW’s core philosophy. IGROW offers a regularly scheduled suite of training programs, the “building blocks” of economic growth strategies and legal reform, at our partner Tor Vergata University of Rome campus. IGROW offers 10 two-week courses per year (see calendar schedule of courses at the IGROW website, designed for mid and senior officials responsible for economic policy and strategy development, judicial, legal and regulation reforms, Public-Private Partnerships, infrastructure development, and sector management in key sectors such as agriculture, energy, industry, and technology.


IGROW also offers customized training programs on economic growth and judicial, legal and regulatory reform for clients that seek to provide focused and intensive training in their own countries. IGROW’s customized training programs are tailored to the specific needs of the country and organization(s) and can reach a larger audience for organizations and individuals as an affordable and convenient option.


By using the combination of consulting and training services, IGROW believes that the virtuous circle of technical assistance provides both the expertise and the capacity building, to help individuals and organizations more capable to plan and implement change in their own settings. Our specialized consulting and training offers a results oriented outcome, not academic studies or management consulting jargon. IGROW is committed to  working with clients to actually deliver results, be they improved economic and financial performance, pioneering new legislation and regulations, or actual transactions and public-private partnership arrangements that produce investment, increase employment, and increase sustainable economic growth and prosperity.


IGROW Corporate Capabilities


The IGROW Rome center is managed by a team of seasoned training experts. Co-Founder and Director of Training Programs, Dr. Yohannes Kassahun has over twenty years of experience in training programs throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. He has managed programs both in Rome and Washington DC in the past, and conducted customized in-country programs in more than thirty countries worldwide. He directs IGROW training in cooperation with its partner Tor Vergata University faculty and international subject matter experts based in Europe and the United States.


IGROW has a team of associate experts that conduct each training program as trainers as well as facilitators. Associate experts are both experts in specific subject area and are also training facilitators who co-train with other experts or facilitate a training sequence. Each course will have an expert facilitator. The facilitator is trained to pay special attention to ensure that each participant obtains the core substantive knowledge and skills at the end of a training session. This way the training objective of enabling the participants to do specific tasks with acquired knowledge and skill is achieved.  This practice - oriented, results based training allows participants to apply the knowledge and skills with ease at their work places and bring about demonstrable change as the result of the training.


IGROW conducts ten Rome-based courses and a number of in-country customized training each year. The Rome-based courses at Tor Vergata University are regular IGROW offerings in specialized subject matters in economic growth and legal  reform.

The in-country customized training programs are conducted upon request by a country or institution on specific subject. The in-country customized training gives the opportunity to accommodate larger professional participants in the country with external experts bringing comparative international views on each topic. 

IGROW experts, specialized in each training component, and course managers will lead you through the exciting tasking nuances of the courses.  To accommodate qualified participants in need, IGROW offers special discounts on each of the course offerings. Tuition fees, USD 3,000, comprise two weeks high level international training, a latest state of the art Samsung or Toshiba tablet on which all training materials will be loaded, training lectures materials, reference materials and best source links, training on how to use the Tablet and study tour programs to Europe based international organizations and course related institutions. Transport and living expenses are not included. The training center will however facilitate for participants a reduced hotel accommodation rate (an average Rome living expenses will approximately be Euro 180/day).


Applications may be submitted on-line through our web-site or by fax (forms can be downloaded from the IGROW website) upon receipt of the brochures and application forms.


We look forward to receiving you or you and your esteemed colleagues at the IGROW in Rome, or for customized courses in your country.


Best regards,


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Yohannes Kassahun


Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform

Rome, Italy



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