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A ‘coach’ refers to a carriage for transporting travelers. It indicates accompanying one from one place to another. In sports a coach guides a player from a certain capacity or skill to another level. Professional coaching is a type of support method to help a person achieve an objective in a real-life professional situation by relying on his or her own resources and skills. The objective is to take the professional from one level to the next and beyond. 


In the coaching the person being coached is the only one in control of his or her own journey and professional circumstances. The aim is to develop the recipient’s professional skills and autonomy, with the emphasis on the recipient as a person, on his or her strengths, weaknesses, personal obstacles, aptitudes, etc. For all programs there are three Levels:


· Level I: Fundamentals provide basic principles, terms, cases, agreements, and basic conditions for developing the project.

· Level II: Practitioners level professionals already in advisory or practically engaged in a program who need strengthening of capacity by obtaining details of such program the technical, financial and implementation agreements and content. 

· Level III: Expert Transaction Coaching Program:  working with real case & problems, comparative cases (analysis of failures and conditions for success depending on the respective jurisdiction (policies, legal, regulatory, institutional… factors), infrastructure sector (services from transport, water, energy, health, …), and individual problems (personal capacity…). Completion this level certifies as


Drafting & negotiating PPP agreements,

Developing security packages & financial modeling,


Construction technical specifications, drawing and contract specialists


Certification Completion of the three programs will entitle one to an expert level internationally recognized certification.


IGROW Experts


Each course will have an expert facilitator. The facilitator is trained to pay special attention to ensure that each coached professional have internalized the core substantive knowledge and skills at the end of a coaching program. This way the coaching objective of enabling the participants to do a specific tasks with acquired knowledge and skill and has advanced from one stage to the next is achieved. 


This results based coaching allows executives, professionals and practitioners to apply the knowledge and skills with ease at their work places and bring about demonstrable change as the result of the coaching program.


Substantive Manuals

IGROW produces Coaching Subject Matter Manuals. The manuals are comprehensive collection materials for specific subject that is delivered in a coaching program sequence. It contains substantive texts, key term explanations, relevant skills practice modules and case studies that illustrate key issues. It also includes comprehensive Coaching Assessment questions, comments or case analysis that the coached person completes at the end of the Coaching Program. The coached person will be able to use the manual as a substantive or skills development materials that will be a handy tool for use in office or field practice.


Action Plans

The coached persons will design and prepare action plans using the manuals at the conclusion of a coaching program and beyond. The coaching subject matter manuals will be available to participants in coaching programs.


GROW’s Coaching Methodology Manual

Is a coaches manual for organizations or individuals who wish to initiate and deliver coaching programs at their offices or independently. This manual will be available to participants who take advanced Coaching Techniques program. It is used for specialized training of coaches program.

IGROW Certification

IGROW Coaching Programs offers two types of certificates:


A. Certificate of Attendance which testifies that the coached person has attended a certain coaching program which will count as a number of credit towards attaining Certificate of Competence.

B. Certificate of Competence: This is an internationally Recognized Certification which attests that the professional has completed a certain number of credits by taking multiple coaching programs on a specific subject and has successfully passed the Competency Assessment test. It leads to Certified Specialist on a subject like Certified PPP specialist; Certified Procurement Specialist; Certified Utilities Regulatory Specialist.

IGROW offers a regularly scheduled suite of on-line coaching programs, the “building blocks” of economic growth strategies, legal reform and public private partnerships, and upon request face to face coaching programs in Rome, Washington DC, in-country or combination of both on-line and face to face.

IGROW Coaching Methodologies


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