The IGROW Rome & DC Training Centers are built around a team of seasoned international coaching experts.

Director, Dr. Yohannes Kassahun, has more than twenty years of experience in training programs throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. He has managed programs both in Rome and Washington DC and conducted customized in-country programs in more than thirty countries worldwide. He directs IGROW training in cooperation with partners and international subject matter experts based in Europe and the United States.

IGROW also has a team of associate experts that conduct each training program as trainers as well as facilitators. Associate experts are both experts in specific subject areas and are also training facilitators who co-train with other experts or facilitate a training sequence. Each course will have an expert facilitator. The facilitator is trained to pay special attention to ensure that each participant receives the core substantive knowledge and skills at the end of a training session. This way the training objective of enabling the participants to do a specific task with acquired knowledge and skill is achieved.

This practice oriented, results-based training allows participants to apply the knowledge and skills with ease at their work places and bring about demonstrable change as the result of the training.

IGROW conducts Rome- & Washington, DC based courses & coaching programs and a number of in-country customized training sessions each year. These courses are annual regular IGROW offerings in specialized subject matters in economic growth and legal reform.

Rome & Washington, DC Training Centers


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