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Beginning Coaching Program for PPP Transaction Advisors


Public Private Partnerships Fundamentals for Transaction Advisors:


Module 1:    How Transaction Advisor selects PPP projects

Module 2:    How Transaction Advisor Analyzes and Establishes PPP   Contractual Frameworks

Module 3:    Reviewing and Analyzing PPP Legal /regulatory Frameworks

Module 4:    Determining PPP Financial models

Module 5:    Developing Methods of PPP Partner Selection

Module 6:    How to Design Sustainability Techniques: Risks, Performance Targets, Dispute resolution

Module 7:    Regulating PPP Services/Products

Module 8:    Proficiency Review & Action Plan


Intermediate Coaching Program for PPP Transaction Advisors


Design and Forecast of PPP Projects—Focus on Failure Analysis


Module 1:    Design and Forecast PPP Selection; Cases of Failures and Analysis

Module 2:    Design & Forecast PPP contractual obligations: Exercise from Failure Analysis  of Parties’ shortfalls: property, finance, bankruptcy

Module 3:    PPP Projects Revenue Forecasting: Learning from Failures, toll roads, electricity supply

Module 4:    Environment issues in PPP planning: Lessons from construction failures

Module 5:    Design and Forecast:  Loophole in Legal Framework & risk Analysis

Module 6:    Forecasting Regulatory framework: enforceability issues from failure analysis

Module 7:    PPP Monitoring and evaluation lessons from failure analysis


Advanced Master Public Private Partnerships Transaction Advisors Coaching Program


Module 1.    Defining core PPP Transaction Advisor leadership brand

Module 2.    Practicing Transaction Advisor’s Change Management skills

Module 3:    Balancing Interests of parties Concerned in PPP Transactions

Module 4.    Removing barriers to collaboration and to developing PPP stakeholders collective creativity and Innovation  Management

Module 5:    Exercising “From Boss to Coach” approach : Practice and internalize in a PPP life cycle the cooperative coaching

Module 6:    Evaluating the PPP project examining every landmark and milestone and combines with skills for Post-transition sustainable services

Module 7:    Managing Transition: focuses on sustainability of services during the transition


Completion of the three Coaching programs will lead to attaining “International Certificate of Competence of PPP Transaction Advisor” 



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