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Challenging Minds — Creating Solutions

Text Box:      Institute for economic growth & legal reform

IGROW is managed by a team of seasoned international experts.


IGROW Co-Founder & Director, Dr. Yohannes Kassahun has over twenty years of experience in programs throughout the Balkans, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.


He has managed programs both in Rome and Washington DC in the past, and conducted customized in-country programs in more than thirty countries worldwide. He directs IGROW consulting and training in cooperation with its partner Tor Vergata University faculty and international subject matter experts based in Europe and the United States.



IGROW Co–Founder & COO, Basil Nikas comes with over 30 years of international experience and 15 years in USAID and world donor project management with Bechtel, General Electric and Union Carbide and entrepreneurship and with over 20 years’ experience in Internet based technologies (created and ran three internet based eProcurement service companies), Mr. Nikas is deeply committed to Moldovan economic growth through entrepreneurism and the use of social media for rapid branding and promotion of the country.


IGROW Moldova’s Director for Eastern Europe and former CIS countries, Vladimir Sterpov‘s

expertise lies primarily in the areas of business development, project management, M&A consulting in the environmental sector of economy. Vladimir has substantial experience in water treatment and supply, alternative energy origination and certification schemes, extended to standardization of the related industry chains on emerging markets, with particular expertise in liquid and solid bio fuel production chain, alternative energy (biogas, solar, heat pumps), waste management and water treatment technologies, with particular markets of application/implementation in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Russian Federation and the Baltic states.

IGROW Director for Balkans and Mediterranean countries, Marco Florian, based in Thessaloniki Greece, has 15 years’ experience in developing and funding projects worldwide in the Food & Beverage and Energy (both Renewable and Fossil) industries, and, most recently within the military industrial arena, with an extensive network of contacts on a global scale in upstream and downstream process. Mr. Florian’s financial expertise includes International Syndications, Project Finance, Structured Finance, Loans, Leasing, PE, Export Credit Agencies MT guarantees, IPOs, M&A, LBOs, equity raising. 


Mr. Florian’s main activity is sourcing and vetting projects for investors or developing new business from scratch providing  wraparound business plans and analysis (marketing, industrial partnerships, financial analysis and MT cash modeling, risk analysis, peers analysis, SWOT analysis), project management, access to funding sources (equity/debt).

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