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The following are few examples in which the IGROW Directors and Team have been engaged in assisting countries:

Moldova:    Advising public and private sector on use of Agricultural and Wine waste to generate electricity, fertilizer and other by-products through anaerobic digestion/methane gas, closed loop power generation, which resolves power self-sufficiency and alleviating environment impact and laws for such waste products and in particular manure contamination.

Albania:  Advised on Water law drafting and advised on legal reform for Private sector participation in providing Water services. Albania’s water system was centralized with low budget that services were too poor that water was availed only part of the day I'm many parts of town. IGROW Director reviewed the Water law and prepared amendments, trained senior officials on PPP transactions and regulatory system. Advised on PPP procurement, selection of private providers and standardization of the service delivery quality. Efficiency, and billing and collection system (USAID Tirana, Albania)

Moldova:  Alternative Energy Development for the City of Nisporeni, and Region of Cimisila In conjunction with an IGROW initiative and design and PPP agreement, the forward thinking Mayor of Nisporeni allocated over 25 hectares and the Regional President of Cimislia Region has allocated 10 hectares for the development of alternative self-sufficient energy production through the growth energy crops and use of agricultural and animal waste that will generate power, heat, through anaerobic biogas digesters to power an agricultural logistics park that will receive, process, cold store, flash freeze and market and distribute produce domestically and export.

Moldova:  Monetization of Energy Crops as Alternative Fuels Research. In a “PPP” type agreement, the Moldova Institute of Genetics, Physiology & Plant Protection (IGFPPP) and IGROW have created MICAAT – the Moldova Institute for Applied Agricultural Technology. The IGFPPP has completed years of studies determining various crops that have high caloric value which can replace coal, gas and wood chips as fuel for boilers in Central Heating Plants, schools, hospitals, etc. It has also has extensive research on medicinal herbs of Moldova. The mission of MICAAT is to brand, market and monetize these crops for both domestic and export use, share its technology and intellectual property and generate funds for more research.

Tajikistan:   Advising public and private sector on use of Agricultural and Wine waste to generate electricity, fertilizer and other bi-products through anaerobic digesting/methane gas,  closed loop power generation, which resolves power self-sufficiency and alleviating environment impact and laws for such waste products and in particular manure contamination.

Belize:   Assisting Belize Water Systems to generate solar and wind power for processing clean water at sites in four cities, (with USTDA and E3 International). Value US$450,000.  To perform technical and financial due diligence of wind energy and solar PV projects, and serve as owners engineer for the design and development of these projects.

Ethiopia:     Building Rural Health Centers: The Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health planned to establish rural health services in remote areas where there are no services within the radius of 50 km. USAID granted the funds to establish comprehensive health clinics and also provided building engineering supervisors. IGROW was selected to coordinate all relationships with the government agencies concerned, overall operation supervision, manage contractor’s problems and disputes, auditing, and monitoring and evaluations of each project, managing staff of the project. Project amount: US$ 29 million.

South Africa: PPP for Municipal Service Provision Training Program, Reviewed municipal services law, including, water services, electricity services, waste management, city transportation services. The South African Department of Constitution and Provincial Administration planned to expand efficient, quality and consistent standard municipal services to all citizens in a municipality including the outlying disadvantaged population under the former apartheid regime. The director of IGROW conducted assessment in 364 municipalities on how the private sector can participate in the provision of the services under PPP system. He and his team provided PPP training services to all city council members in different cities, and advised on city PPP transactions in Queenstown, Bulawayo, and Pretoria. (USAID, Pretoria).

Ethiopia: Health Sector Public Private Partnerships (PPPH) training and advisory services in primary services facilities and tertiary level hospitals services provision (Ethiopian Ministry of Health with USAID Financing 2015). Approx. value of the contract US  $915,000.

Nigeria:      Assisting Nigerian government Army and Law Enforcement Agencies on the constitution, Interaction Conventions and Human rights in Dealing with the Terrorist Boko Haram Actors in the country with UN Organization for Drugs and Crimes. 

Egypt:         Solid Waste PPP Legal and Regulatory assessment, developed procurement evaluation PPP projects, assisted in designing revenue scheme in relation to Alexandria City budget allocations. The Director of IGROW reviewed the City beatification regulations for solid waste, monuments cleaning and beach cleaning services and identified constricts in human resources experience, standards of cleanliness, and the designed the private participation in the project for City beautification. Advised on PPP procurement system and call for potential tenders and tender review w process. (Alexandria Solid Waste Privatization Project, USAID

Zimbabwe:   Advisory and training services on how to unbundle the electricity services into generation, transmission and distribution components to facilitate private sector participation in the provision of electricity The services, bills collection and system maintenance caused low budget and poor services delivery that the Electricity Authority sought to solve through the public private partnership. IGROW Director trained senior officials of the Electricity Authority on PPP concept and legal reform and provided advisory services by drafting concept paper for the unbundling of electricity services components generation, transmission and distribution and how the private sector can provide the unbundled services.  (German Development Grant)

Italy:           Developed training programs on use of laws, regulations and directives to assist public sector decision makers and the private sector to develop and implement projects (with International Development Law Organization)

Italy:         Assist government, international donors and multilateral organization on economic growth policy framework, advice on environment friendly, innovative and job creating small business ventures, assist in legal framework for PPP and business development arrangements (Rome, Italy)

Washington, DC:  PPP legal and regulatory program designer, advisor, specialist trainer for participants from 175 countries worldwide.  Provided technical assistance to more than 23 countries and trained on how to form economically self-sustaining public-private partnerships at Institute for Public-Private Partnerships.

Ethiopia:     Feasibility study on sugar cane bagasse from sugar factory production into biogas in 12 sugar factory plants (negotiation in progress- for US Trade and Development Agency)

Ethiopia:     Health Sector - Public Private Partnerships in Health Sector (PPPH) training and advisory services in primary services facilities and tertiary level hospitals services provision (Ethiopian Ministry of Health with USAID Financing)

Egypt:      Legal/Regulatory consulting Public-Private Partnerships in Solid Waste Management, Development Training II (DT2) project, (USAID, Alexandria & Cairo, Egypt)

Ethiopia:     Legal advice and project oversight on how local private sector contractors participate in an international development project in constructing rural health services center with the Ministry of Health (USAID/IRD)

Ethiopia:     EU/ Ethiopia survey of Ethiopian Federal and Regional Governments’ capacity gaps in handling emerging problems specifically in investment, environment, regulating the private sector in public services investment.  Advisory services to address the problems to judges, prosecutors and lawyers and recommendations on revising laws.  (Justice Sector Professional Training Institute (JOPTC) EU grant with Human Dynamics in Vienna, Austria).

Sri Lanka:  Ports Privatization Advisors, Privatization Advisor for Asian Development Bank (ADB), Colombo Port, Sri Lanka

India:  Ports Privatization Advisors Ports Privatization Specialist, Feasibility Study for Privatization of Mumbai and Chennai (ADB) 

Trinidad and Tobago: Advisory and training on how to provide water and electric services through public private partnership framework. The Utility services were provided under a combined administration with problems in efficiently providing the services, collection of bills, and system maintenance in both water and electricity services. IGROW Director conducted a two week training workshop on restructuring of the system under PPP, unbundling, service efficiency and collection through the private participation in the public service delivery.

The training was followed by an IGROW Director advisory services and Peer Review and comments for amendments of draft Utilities Regulation, and appeared on local television interview about restructuring of the utilities services along with the Director of Public Utilities of Trinidad and Tobago.

Washington DC: Trained senior official from Brazil on the privatization and Public private partnerships in energy sector.

The IGROW partner NOVASERVICE Team has worked on the following Moldova energy projects: 

Under Energy Efficiency Fund of Moldova:

15 schools Energy Auditing (Schools of: Bumbata in Ungheni district, Pirlita in Falesti district, 2 schools of Briceni town, 4 Schools in Soroca town, School of Vasilcau in Soroca district, School of Varancau in Soroca district, school Cainarii vechi, 2 schools in Anenii noi district. And others)


4 Hospitals energy auditing (District hospital of Anenii Noi, District hospital of Edinet, District Hospital of Soroca, Hospital of Taraclia, Izbiste school)


12 kindergartens and mayoralties objects analyzed (6 kindergartens in Taraclia district, 7 kidergardens in Briceni District, 5 kindergaardens in Soroca district, 3 kindergartens in Anenii noi district etc.)


Public lighting analyze and Energy auditing (Rezina town, Cojusna town, Sireti village, Briceni central park and streets)


For Chisinau Mayoralty

Apa-Canal pumping station (Vadul lui Voda-main water supply station for Chisinau city)



Termocom heating-pumping station Nr 8 (str Vadul Voda) Mayoralty building


3 kindergartens (Nr 40, Nr 23, Nr 35)

4 Schools (Stefan cel Mare, Gaudeamus, Petru Zadnipru, C Stere)


Private sector:

Stone and Sand career (Cobusca Stone career in Anenii noi district 2016)



Supermarket chain 2012

ProAlfa Service (big production site company in Chisinau 2016-2017)


Wine company Castel Mimi (2017)


Programs we collaborated:

Low Emission Capacity Building Program (2014-2016)


Energy and Biomass Moldova program (2017)


Energy certificates for buildings and companies.

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