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Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for Construction Contractors


Required Time


Session Title


Learning Outcome


Goal of this Session


Three hours


PPP Definition, Rationale & Structuring Options


Defining PPP as vehicle for transactions that promote economic sector growth; distinguish from other infrastructure contractual arrangements.


Be able to outline the rationals and goals for pursuing PPPs.


Be able to describe the distinctions between the various forms of PPP structuring agreement.



The participant will be able to describe the alternative PPP vehicles available to both government and private contractors for bringing together technical, financial and managerial resources that otherwise would cost each party much high prices for implementing an infrastructure project.







Three hours


PPP Project Identification, Screening &  Selection Techniques


Be able to outline and analyze PPP project identification and selection tools including pre-feasibility studies, the PPP structuring option for type of service like Build Operate and transfer, for fresh field project.


Be able to describe the practical challenges, issues and constraints in the process of distinguishing effectively from a menu of projects, those that fit into a type of a PPP project implementation vehicle.


Participants may face with several types of projects. This session will provide methodologies and tools for screening those projects that squarely fit into one of the suitable


PPP types of project implementation vehicles. This will enable contractors to identify the tools to eliminate doubts and to avoid mistakes of applying for and engaging in a PPP long term project.


This will enhance contractor’s abilities to determine goals and interest of the State or Counties and position themselves ahead of competitors.







Two hours


PPP Organizational Framework


Participants will be able to describe the roles of PPP players including promoting government agency, the financing shareholder which may include the construction companies, implementing organs, or other interested parties.


Also the agreements between parties. Participants define how to establish a Special Purpose Company that runs the project, and the contractual relationships between the Special purpose company and the construction companies, financiers and operation companies and their interrelationships and agreements



Contractors will be able to participate in the organization of a PPP framework from the inception and gives them advance position to win the project.


As they have information starting from the pre-feasibility, they will be able to determine whether to participate in the PPP structure for a win-win PPP project.






Four hours


PPP Bidding Techniques


Contractors will be able to distinguish PPP bids from other infrastructure procurement systems.


PPP envisages long term relationship sharing risks and opportunities, the selection of construction contractors will be crucial for both the government and the contractor.


This session will provide how the contractors will be able to analyze the tender documents and prepare winning bids.


They will analyze methodologies of how to prepare technical documents in relation to cost projection.


They will analyze the ‘best value for money’ considerations in selecting the winning bid. They will practice critical negotiation techniques, award and closing deal processes



The goal is to give participants the ability to modify their traditional method for bidding, wining, constructing and concluding a project into a PPP setting to bid considering long term relations, best value for money considerations and a bid design for winning a PPP project.


The session will drill the participants through a number of procurement methodologies to ensure that they will  able to distinguish the procurement type that would be applicable to a specific PPP project and be able to win.






Four Hours


Preparing PPP Technical & Financial Documentations


Participant will be able to analyze the tender documents, and information in the pre-feasibility, to draft a technical document of the PPP project.


This will take into consideration the length of the contract, implementation and maintenance, risks that may be encountered, the technical specification and drawing to match with the required


Infrastructure services. In addition for each component of the technical proposal a detail financial estimation will be prepared.


The session provides drafting skills and techniques of preparing a proposal that matches with the ‘value for money’ concept in a PPP project selection.



The goal of this session is to enable the construction contractor to develop skills in write-ups of technical and financial documents relating to the PPP selection tenders.


This critical documentation process will be the minimum that the organization seeking implementation of project through PPP expects to obtain in entering into PPP requirements and contractual arrangements.






Four Hours


PPP Project Implementation


The PPP Special purpose company, monitors, the commencement of the construction project and as will be agreed in the contract sets implementation monitoring plan.


This will be basis for regular reports, on-site visits, supervising engineers’ reviews.


Any dispute during this period will be solved on the spot, with dispute resolution mechanisms built into the contract. This may include Dispute Review Board system, Independent Regulator prescribed in the contract.



This session gives the parties, a comfort level in the implementation as it is carefully defined in the contract and is negotiated and accepted by all parties regarding, monitoring scheme, periodic reporting and in-built dispute resolutions system.


 It reassures the contractor that any relational issues, construction problems will be taken care off without delay by all the parties involved.






Four Hours


Monitoring  and Evaluation


Be able to describe general techniques for monitoring PPP project quality-of-service, technical, price, and legal contract management.


Be able to identify practical steps to review models of PPP contract management and performance monitoring plans.


The session will provide the long term relationship and responsibilities of parties in case of any difficulties or failures in providing the services as an early warning system and taking timely appropriate measures.



The goal of this session is building a system for sustainability of the project in its operation phase.


As the PPP agreement is a long term commitment of all parties involved the  Special Purpose Company assures that all parties will be engaged to ensure that the project is operationalized though out the term of the specific type of the PPP agreement


Two hours




Action Plan


Goal of this session is to provide the policy makers with tools to set methodologies of application of the PPP techniques acquired into practice