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PPP Fundamentals for Policy Makers On-Line Coaching Program


Required Time

Session Title

Learning Outcome

Goal of this Session


Three hours


PPP Definition, Rationale & Structuring Options


Defining PPP as vehicle for transactions that promote economic sector growth; distinguish from other infrastructure contractual arrangements.


Be able to outline the rationales and goals for pursuing PPPs.


Be able to describe the distinctions between different forms of PPP contracts.


Describe the general global record and results of PPP lessons learned in the last two decades.



Policy makers will be able to identify  PPPs as distinct vehicles from other project forms available to both government and private sector actors for bringing  together technical, financial and managerial resources that otherwise would cost each party much high prices.


The will be able to describe sectors relevant for implementing a PPP infrastructure project.






Three hours


Contractual Frameworks


Review types of contracts that are basic to operationalize PPP project Including promoters agreement and contracts between PPP Project Co. and finance, construction, operation companies


Be able to outline and analyze PPP project identification and

selection tools.


Policy makers will be able to outline types of responsibilities that each PPP contract carries for the government as well as private sector which helps them to decide to enter into a PPP.


The coached professional normally is flooded with several types of projects for financing.






Two hours


Principles of Improved Operations and  Decentralized government


Government operation of projects are characterized with poor quality and inefficiency;


How PPP models can improve   at all government level


The goal of this session is to enable policy makers to calculate cost of poor service; and can champion improved performance through PPPs at all government levels






Four hours


Key issues in Legal /regulatory framework; How to Remove Impediments


Review legal issues affecting PPPs like PPP enabling laws, property and land use, environment and safety, labor, business operations; policy in competition


The goal of this session is to enable the policy makers to outline key policy and legal reform areas before initiating PPP project to ensure success and sustainability






Four Hours


How to Design Sustainable PPP Projects


Review risk allocation; Balance price setting; performance targets; step-in Rights; force majeure, duration & termination; dispute settlement


The goal of this session is to provide key tools for Policy makers to analyze parameters of PPP design especially from policy, on social needs; affordable and quality services; remedies in case of risks or disputes selecting the right partner(s) for specific PPP projects.






Four Hours


Developing Methods of PPP Partner Selection


Review types of selecting partners, including bidding, direct negotiation; Pre-qual; Technical, Financial proposals VFM evaluation, award.


Be able to describe techniques for monitoring PPP contract management and performance.


Policy makers will have tools to identify partners that bring value to PPP long term relationship to ensure success and sustainability.


Many well designed PPP projects regularly face problems because monitoring methodologies are not designed, negotiated and agreed upon at signing the PPP contracts.


This session ensures that the policy makers will review how to apply monitoring models and processes for timely corrections of deviations of any of the parties from obligations signed in the PPP agreement.


The goal is to is ensure that the policy makers will have an overall view of the project implementation process till completion of the PPP project.







Four Hours


Regulating PPP Services/Products


Independent regulators with  accountability; Reg constrains, Issues with line Ministries; Decision making system, inter-sector regulators, alternative strategies


The goal of this session is to provide range of regulatory models by which policy makers will review how to regulate contract implementation, quality  and efficiency of services, responses to beneficiary requests, tariff reviews …for ensuring that PPP produces expected results considering governments role, private partner interest, and the beneficiary public needs


Two hours




Action Plan


Goal of this session is to provide the policy makers with tools to set methodologies of application of the PPP techniques acquired into practice