IGROW Consulting

IGROW’s specialized consulting offers a results oriented outcome! IGROW is committed to working with clients to actually deliver results, be they improved economic and financial performance, pioneering new legislation and regulations, or actual transactions through public-private partnership arrangements that produce investment, increase employment, and increase economic growth and prosperity.

Rome, Washington, DC and in-Country Training/Consulting,     

IGROW provides practice oriented, customized, in-country training/consulting programs upon request.  The in-country customized programs may include such activities as country level, regional or sector-wide needs assessment to identify knowledge and skills gap of professionals and institutions, institutional framework and work-flow efficiency, institutional capacity building, coaching and training,  The in-country customized training gives the opportunity to accommodate larger groups of professional participants in the country with external experts bringing comparative international views on each topic.

IGROW Experts:

IGROW provides consulting services and in-country customized training with a team of seasoned training experts who design, manage and deliver.

IGROWs in-house experts and a team of associate experts conduct each coaching, training and consulting programs. Associate experts are both experts in specific subject area and are also experienced coaches to conduct and facilitate a coaching program sequence.

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