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Economic growth strategies that promote governance, the private sector and small businesses combined with targeted support for poverty alleviation are the keys to economic development.”


The Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform (IGROW) is an international economic and legal consulting and training firm specialized in providing technical assistance to governments and multilateral donor organizations on sustainable economic growth strategies, environmental concepts and policies, legal reform solutions, governance and public private policy initiatives and Public Private Partnerships.


Headquartered in Rome with its training campus at its partner’s, Tor Vergata University of Rome state-of-the-art campus, and operations offices in Moldova, Greece, Ethiopia, Canada and Washington, D.C, IGROW offers a unique range of technical consulting and training options for clients based on the philosophy that to promote governance, the public sector must work with the private sector and small business, combined as partners, with targeted support, for building viable business and industries which is key to sustainable economic growth drivers.


IGROW founders and staff have been at the vanguard of this new economic thinking and have been instrumental in working with policy makers in the Eastern Europe, Balkan states, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia in creating this economic paradigm.  The IGROW Team has successfully accomplished assignments in over 43 countries on 5 continents.


While several countries have made remarkable progress in growing and opening their economies and reducing economic disparity, many countries have been underperforming over the last two decades when measured by indicators such as economic productivity, income inequality, investment climate, and per capita income growth and urban/agrarian environmental reform. It does not have to be that way. IGROW seeks to transfer the knowledge and tools of its experts and practioners experience to countries and multilateral financial organizations and “mainstream” these valuable lessons learned of economic reform and growth while insuring the environment is protected.


IGROW’s unique technical assistance and training programs provide clients with a “menu of options” to design and implement economic growth strategies, legal reforms, and pro-economic growth programs and policies. IGROW’s core competencies include:


•           Study/evaluate/recommend growth strategies at both urban and agrarian levels with acute attention to environmental impact.

Examples include: Assessment of seed development and importation on growers productivity, and drafting “Seed Law” for Ethiopia, (Irish Development Grant).

 Design of sustainable economic growth strategies and policies to stimulate investment and productivity.

Assess health sector PPP framework as key factors in national growth plans, and provided training on potentials for PPP projects  in the Ethiopian health sector (USAID Ethiopia in cooperation with ABT Associates)

•           Draft and advise on legal sector reform strategies to increase transparency and good governance in the public sector,

Examples include assessment of Justice Sector Professional Training Institute (JOPTC) curriculum to address newly emerging legal matters including, agricultural production and environment, and conducted national survey on professional and institutional capacity gaps of judges and legal professionals to address the issues. Ethiopia, (EU grant) Court Procedures Reform national survey, Croatia (USAID)


•           Design legal, regulatory, and policy reforms that promote efficiency and business growth

Examples include Judicial Restructuring Legal reform for East and Central European countries with UNICRI, Poland

Regulatory reforms for enhancing  provision of utilities Macedonia, (USAID)

Assisting Nigerian Army and Law Enforcement Agencies on the Constitution, Interaction Conventions and Human Rights in dealing the Terrorist Boko Haram Actors in the country (UN Organization for Drugs and Crimes)


•           Design bilateral, regional and international investment and trade cooperation strategies and legal framework to enhance growth           

Establishing Agricultural and industrial trade agreements with Moldova and Mediterranean countries.


•           Design pro-growth tax policies and fiscal reforms that encourage efficiency and investment.

Advisory and training services in Zimbabwe as to how to unbundle electricity services into generation, transmission and distribution components to facilitate private sector participation. (German Development Grant)


•           Provide sectoral reform analysis and action plans to increase competition and economic output in key sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, industry, and technology,

Examples include Assessing environment impact on ground water supply shortages in Yemen (IDLO)


•           Development of economic, financial, and legal strategies to structure and implement Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in all economic and infrastructure sectors

Examples include Albania PPP Water Sector Legal framework and review of the draft water law (USAID)


Environmental Impact analysis and recommendations.

Assisting Belize Water Systems to generate solar and wind power for processing clean water sites in four cities (STDA)


 IGROW’s unique technical assistance and training programs provide clients with a menu of options to design and implement economic growth strategies, legal reforms, and pro-poor programs and policies.

Design and deliver economic growth strategies and policies to stimulate investment and productivity


Design and deliver legal, regulatory, and policy reforms that promote efficiency and business growth


Design and deliver Public Private Partnerships Vehicle to enhance economic infrastructure

performance, efficiency and growth,


Design, publish and circulate manuals on each coaching topic


Design, publish and deliver Coaching Methodology and Coachers Manual

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