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     The Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform (IGROW) is an international economic and legal consulting, coaching and training firm specialized in providing technical assistance to governments, multilateral donor organizations and the private sector on sustainable economic growth strategies, governance policies, legal reform solutions, environmental concepts and public private policy initiatives through Public Private Partnerships.


       Headquartered in Rome and Washington DC , IGROW has project regional offices in Moldova, Greece and Ethiopia. IGROW offers a unique range of on-line and in-country coaching, consulting and training options for clients based on the philosophy that promotes good governance, techniques of the public sector working with the private sector, promotes businesses combined with targeted support for poverty alleviation for including all in the mainstream economy as consumer and producer partners for building sustainable economic growth.


        IGROW founders and staff have been at the vanguard of this new economic thinking and have been instrumental in working with policy makers in the Eastern Europe, Balkan states, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia in creating this economic paradigm.  The IGROW Team has successfully accomplished assignments in  several  countries on 5 continents.


      While several countries have made remarkable progress in growing and opening their economies and reducing economic disparity, many countries have been underperforming over the last two decades when measured by indicators such as economic productivity, income inequality, investment climate, and per capita income growth and urban/agrarian environmental reform. It does not have to be that way. IGROW seeks to transfer the knowledge and tools of its experts and practitioners experience to countries and multilateral financial organizations and “mainstream” these valuable lessons learned of economic reform and growth while insuring the environment is protected.


       IGROW provides on-line regularly offered coaching programs; online and in-country consulting programs; IGROW Call-Center information and advisory services; practice oriented, customized, in-country training programs upon request.  The in-country customized programs may include such activities as country level, regional or sector-wide feasibility studies; needs assessment to identify knowledge and skills gap of professionals and institutions; institutional framework and work-flow efficiency; institutional capacity building; coaching and training.  The in-country customized training gives the opportunity to accommodate larger groups of professional participants in the country with external experts bringing comparative international views on each topic.




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IGROW Testimonial

    “IGROW  PPP on-line coaching has empowered me not only to comprehend  complex PPP legal, financial and institutional frameworks, but also enabled me to guide my organization in  PPP transactions to finance PPP projects

       As a banker, I have the techniques and skills now and am able to select viable PPP projects define, draft and negotiate financial and security packages for my organization to participate in a PPP project.

       IGROW coaches are experienced, and able to provide real life cases to walk me through what works and what not in structuring PPP projects.

      In the face to face component of the coaching program I am planning to develop  Bank Policy Guidelines for selecting and participating in a viable PPP projects.

      I am grateful to IGROW and highly recommend for anyone planning to enter into a PPP transaction as government officer, banker, contractor, legal advisor or business manager.

Lillian Mbindyo

Governance Company Secretary