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IGROW S.A.R.L Moldova is a fully registered Moldovan company based in Chisinau, covering Eastern Europe, the Balkans and CIS Countries, studying, analyzing and advising various public and private sector entities in the development of economic growth opportunities. IGROW Moldova has focused its attention on opportunities such as:  Alternative Energy through the use of Biogas from agricultural waste, creation of Agricultural Logistics Parks (Nisporeni and Cimislia regions), Trade missions of investors and business partners from Greece, Italy, and China. The creation of aviation refurbishment industry, in the underdevelopment Honey Industry, training, equipment manufacturing, branding, marketing and export sales, creation of two Public Private Partnerships in Agricultural and Energy crop development, Moldovan wine and agricultural tourism and Medical Tourism.


The IGROW Team & Partners have extensive unique and successful worldwide PPP training and advisory services experience, especially in agricultural and food waste management, water infrastructure services, environment and health sectors, renewable and sustainable energy. The IGROW Team has developed special models and techniques for needs assessment, how to select projects for investments and professional and institutional capacity building.


IGROW Moldova Energy Practice Partner NOVASERVICE MOLDOVA brings the vast energy expertise of its team under the direction of Sergiu Ungreanu a highly recognized Moldovan energy expert often seen on Moldovan TV discussion groups.


The NOVASERVICE working team consists of recognized experts in the energy field and particular Moldova, in elaboration of energy audits and technical solutions.


The NOVASERVICE team has working experience in energy auditing for such clients as the EBRD program MOSEFF, in Technical University working as Professors at the Energy Faculty and experience in working with Energy Efficiency Agency and Energy Efficiency Fund of Moldova.


NOVASERVICE has realized more than 50 projects under the EEF rules for local municipalities, hospitals and schools. NOVASERVICE is recognized as one of the best practices example company at the EEF. The quality/cost ratio is one of the best, under the official data of the AEE.


NOVASERVICE team members are always participating in seminars, trainings and round tables in the energy efficiency domain and renewable energy sources. It is a relatively young team (the company has about 2 year since foundation) but concentrated on pulling the best experienced experts that worked in energy auditing and helping to improve energy efficiency in Moldova.


NOVASERVICE has often working on numerous simultaneous projects often the reporting and calculation works are made in parallel to be included in the proposed deadlines. The experts of the team work more often than not in excess of 8 hour days and weekends to meet high pressure deadlines.


NOVASERVICE quality control is assured at every stage of the project, and different team members are checking the results of the other team specialists.


NOVASERVICE Director, Sergiu UNGUREANU – Energy auditor, having an experience of 5 years (2010-2015) of working in MOSEFF program of EBRD as energy auditor with over 35 Energy audits under EBRD and 50 under EEF in Moldova (Permanent contract). Mr. Ungreanu has performed energy audits in fields like building rehabilitation, industrial equipment changing, agricultural projects auditing (changing of agricultural machines and methodologies of land working), and projects for renewable energy like biogas, solar collectors, and biomass projects with extensive experience in auditing public sector objects. He has over seven years of university work (Energy Faculty). 


IGROW’s US based energy partner, E3 International (E3I) was established, with the alliance and integration of three firms with complementary expertise, to more effectively address the growing demand for sustainable energy project development and capacity building as well as the expanding need for comprehensive energy planning, implementation, and management services.


E3I’s goal is to leverage its vast experience in developing and transition economies as well as in the United States, European Union, and Russia to help its clients achieve their Energy, Environmental, and Economic objectives.


E3I cooperates with commercial and industrial enterprises companies, governments and municipalities, non-government organizations, educational and healthcare institutions, and international development organizations like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Trade and Development  Program, the World Bank, and the United Nations.


Consistent delivery of customer value is derived from E3’s ability to quickly form a cohesive and effective team with the right skills, expertise, and leadership to focus on and meet each client’s specific needs. To create a customized response to each client, E3 draws from its cadre of permanent employees, network professionals, and specialized partner companies to provide the appropriate combination of scientific, engineering, financial, legal, regulatory, management, operations, and construction professionals for the assignment.


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